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25226 Greenfield Rd., Oak Park, MI 48237
TEL. 248-968-9495  |  
FAX. 248-968-9405

Temp Hours & Take out only


                       MONDAY            3-9 PM

                       TUESDAY            3-9 PM

                       WEDNESDAY      CLOSED

                       THURSDAY         3-9 PM

                       FRIDAY                3-10 PM

                       SATURDAY         3-10 PM

                       SUNDAY              3-9 PM

Welcome to
"Dawn of Happiness"

The Word Sukhothai in Pali language translates into
"Dawn of Happiness."


In 1238 King Indraditya created a federation of neighboring kingdoms under one banner and founded the brilliant culture named after the city-state.


The first independent Thai kingdom is considered to exemplify the golden era of Thai history, with its People enjoying considerable freedoms. The word Thai means "free," and the citizens of Sukhothai possessed many freedoms: The freedom to pursue their livelihoods in a land of plentiful resources, fair and just politics and freedom from excessive taxation.

Sukhothai, the ancient capital of Thailand, is now designated as a world heritage site and holds a special place in the hearts of most Thais. Sukhothai is a historical landmark representing the ascendency of the Thai people and their culture. It occupies a unique place in Thai history not only as the ancient capital city, but the beginning of


"The Dawn of Happiness"


To fully appreciate Thai food it helps to understand the principles and primary flavors upon which the cuisine is built. Thai food is internationally loved because of the harmonious blending of distinctive spices and bright flavors.​

At Sukhothai our chefs are happy to prepare dishes suited to your taste whatever the degree of spiciness you desire. Our waitstaff are knowledgeable about each dish and would be happy to answer your questions and make suggestions. We want you to have a truly fine Thai dining experience.


Thank you for joining us!


Reservation !

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